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      PV projects given priority
      Time:2015/7/11 16:33:39    Read: Time


      Joint National Energy Board, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Certification and Accreditation Administration Commission and other three departments recently issued "on the promotion of advanced photovoltaic technology product applications and industrial upgrading of opinions", requires the State to support people without electricity to solve electricity in remote areas Photovoltaic power shortage problems and poverty alleviation and other public welfare projects, the state foreign aid projects, all kinds of photovoltaic demonstration project countries and organizations at all levels to implement energy authorities, local governments at all levels to support the use of fiscal funds photovoltaic power generation projects, and at all levels PV projects installed on the government sector building facilities, giving priority to the use of "leader" of advanced technology products. 
       2013, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of photovoltaic industry" for the photovoltaic industry to provide a strong market support. At the same time, there have been some of backward production capacity can not be out of the market, advanced technology products can not enter the market, the overall technology upgrade photovoltaic industry is slow, there is a photovoltaic power generation project quality risks and other issues. 
       To promote the application of advanced photovoltaic technology products and industrial upgrading, strengthen photovoltaic products and engineering quality management, the National Energy Board will arrange special annual market size of implementation of the "leader" plan, require that the project adopt advanced technology products. By 2015, the "leader" of advanced technology products should meet the following specifications: a photoelectric conversion efficiency of polycrystalline silicon cells and battery pack assembly, respectively, 16.5% and 17% above; HCPV module photoelectric conversion efficiency of more than 30%; photoelectric conversion efficiency of the silicon, copper indium gallium selenide, cadmium telluride thin-film batteries and other components, respectively, 12%, 13%, 13% and 12%. 
       It is reported that, "leader" plans to build advanced technology of photovoltaic power generation demonstration bases, new technology demonstration projects manner. National Energy Board made major technical indicators of progress demonstration project, construction specifications, operational management and information monitoring requirements, provincial energy authorities through a competitive choice of technology and investment management capacity and strength of the development and investment business over the election mechanism, enterprises through market Choose mechanism to achieve "leader" technical indicators advanced products and services. 
       National Energy Bureau official, said the future to give full play to market allocation of resources decisive role in enhancing the PV market access standards to guide the photovoltaic technology advancement and industrial upgrading.

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