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      Welcome to Beijing Buyer Technology Co.,Ltd. the official website!
      Your Present Position:Details
      Product Name:CTBII series - rotary torque
      Product description:

      CTBⅡ series pneumatic actuator torque by using the fork force transmission mechanism, the linear motion into rotary motion, suitable for 90 ° rotation in diameter valve automation and remote control.

      Performance features
      The top of the Numar standard size, the bottom of the ISO5211 standard;
      Double action type, single action spring reset type;
      Guide drive mechanism, effectively extend the service life;
      Dynamic sealing design, improve the sealing performance. The piston adopts the design of self - lubrication, which can be used for long - lasting lubrication;
      Fully enclosed type whole welding, no metal contact and friction between the spring and the operating parts;
      Equipped with manual device (optional);
      Mechanical control two stage (optional);
      Limit device with opening degree (optional);
      PST online travel test function (optional);
      Normal temperature type ~80 is -20, and the high temperature can reach 120 (optional), and the low temperature can reach -45 C (optional);
      High speed switching mode (optional), high frequency switching mode (optional).

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