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      Welcome to Beijing Buyer Technology Co.,Ltd. the official website!
      Your Present Position:Details
      Product Name:718 manual pressure calibrator
      Product description:

      Fluke 718 Pressure Calibrators / pressure calibrator family (includes 4 models) is designed for transmitters, gauges and switches to create a comprehensive solution for pressure calibration. This ultra-compact pressure calibration solution, only one-third the size of similar instruments, and weighs just one kilogram (two pounds). Pressure Calibrator unique not only easy to clean pump helps protect the pump from damage, and also has maintenance-free demolition of properties, even at the job site as well.

      Technical indicators

      Pressure calibratorStandard

      718 series Pressure measurement(built-in sensor)Accuracy0.025% full scaleFunctionZero, minimum / maximum, maintain, dampingNote:Only dry, non corrosive air  718 1G Range:-1 PSI to +1 PSI, -68.9 mbar mbar (-6.89 to 68.9 kPa and 6.89 kPa)Resolution:0.0001 PSI, 0.001 mbar, 0.0001 kPaOvervoltage:5 X full scaleFunction:Zero, minimum, maximum, maintain, damping  718 30G Range:-12 PSI PSI (-850 to 30, mbar to 2 bar -85 to 206.84 kPa)Resolution:0.001 PSI, 0.1 mbar, 0.01 kPaOvervoltage:5 X full scaleFunction:Zero, minimum, maximum, maintain, damping  718 100G Range:-12 PSI PSI (-850 to 100, mbar to 7 bar -85 to 689.48 kPa)Resolution:0.01 PSI, 0.1 mbar, 0.01 kPaOvervoltage:2 X full scaleFunction:Zero, minimum, maximum, maintain, damping  718 300G Range:-12 PSI PSI (-850 to 300, mbar to 20 bar -85 to 2068.42 kPa)Resolution:0.01 PSI, 1 mbar, 0.1 kPaOvervoltage:375 PSI 25 barFunction:Zero, minimum, maximum, maintain, damping


      The 700 series pressure module Fluke 718Pressure calibratorSeries

      Range:29 pressure module, 0 - 1 in H20 to 10000 PSI, 2.5 mbar to 700 bar.Overvoltage protection module with pressure indexResolution:Meet the technical index of pressure moduleAccuracy:A maximum of 0.025% full scale, technical indicators in line with the pressure moduleFunction:Zero, minimum, maximum, maintain, damping Note: media compatibility conforms with the technical index of pressure module


      Using the built-in pump Fluke 718Pressure calibratorSeries

      Range:-12 PSI or -850 mbar to the full support of the pressure unit: psi, in H20 (4 C), in H20 (20 C), cm H20 (4 C), cm H20 (20 C), bar, mbar, kPa, inHg, mmHg, kg/cmLoop power supply:Range: 24 V DC Accuracy: + / - 10% Note: drive; battery >6.8V is 20 mA, 1000 ohm; battery 5.8 to 6.8 V for 700.Ma measurement:Range: 0 mA to 24 mA Resolution: 0.001 mA Accuracy: 0.015% + 1 digits

      ● Pressure calibrator with pressure source and milliamp measurement, calibration and maintenance of almost all pressure equipment; 
      ● accidentally exposed to the liquid, the built-in pump easy to clean, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership and maintenance costs, while also allowing maintenance of the pump at the job site; 
      ● Pressure Calibrator error rate calculation feature allows staff at the job site will be able to make decisions quickly pass / fail; 
      ● excellent mA accuracy (0.015%), obtain reassuring measurement results and the wider scope of the work load; 
      ● Min / Max / Hold function measurements easily capture the ever-changing; 
      ● switch test function allows faster and more accurately test the pressure switch; 
      ● NEW 7KPa and 2.1MPa of pressure ranges mean pressure calibration on site maintenance, fewer need additional tools; 
      ● Pressure Calibrator is now available 7KPa, 200KPa, 700KPa and 2100KPa built-in pressure module range. 

      Product Range: 718-1G, 718-30G, 718-100G, 718-300G 

      Built-in hand pump, compact!

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